Posted on 13 Nov 13:11

Did you know our bottles are both refillable and recyclable? This is one small step we are making which makes one big change to our environment.

Looking to make changes yourself? Below are some ideas to get your started.

1. When you’re out & about switch to reusable bottles, cutlery, cups and bags.

2. Cut your water usage at home by installing a water saving shower head, reduce your shower time and turn off the tap off while brushing your teeth and washing your hands.

3. Pack lunches & snacks in reusable containers and cover in reusable wraps.

4. Turn food scraps into compost to feed your plants and improve your soil.

5. Breathe life into your backyard by planting a tree. Our refillable and recyclable bottle holds the most refreshingly smooth and pure tasting water from the pristine mountains of New South Wales, Central Coast. Being ‘earth friendly’ it won’t end up as landfill.